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Oct 16 2017

881 Masters in Civil Engineering – Construction #civil #engineering #degrees #online #bachelors


Civil Engineering Construction


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Civil and construction engineers are designers and contractors who actually get to admire their brilliant work from a window or rooftop. The field of civil engineering and construction deals with creating and supervising construction projects, such as buildings, roads, bridges, railways and more.

During a Bachelor�s or Master�s degree in Civil Engineering, you will learn how to follow construction safety standards as well as building regulation.

As a civil engineer, you can see how small ideas turn into something big, sturdy and stable � from the first brick to the finishing touches.

Within the Civil Engineering and Construction field, you can specialise in:

� Urban engineering
� Transportation engineering
� Coastal engineering
� Environmental engineering

Students who graduate with degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction enter into the following careers:

� Construction engineer
� Structural engineer
� Water resource engineer
� Building control surveyor

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Suggested Masters in Civil Engineering Construction

The construction industry is calling out for qualified project managers to spearhead their future developments. The�Construction Project Management programme is offered by the�Nottingham Trent University Online.

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