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Jul 31 2017

Advanced Negotiation Skills Training – Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop – Advanced Negotiation Skills Course #advanced



This advanced negotiation skills course will help a seasoned negotiator think more clearly through all the issues that influence the negotiation. The workshop includes an analysis of how performance will be measured by all parties interested in the outcome of the negotiation. Participants in this advanced negotiation training will learn to ask the right questions to understand the true drivers and implications of every deal. Students learn to identify both the opportunities and the potential pitfalls that result from first proposals and how create counter-proposals in negotiation.

The advanced negotiation skills workshop teaches students to use inquiry to build a list of possible low cost concessions. In addition, this advanced training helps participants create and add value to the negotiation by thinking creatively. Students learn to recognize the 5 categories of tactics, what type of tactic a negotiator is most likely to use and how to neutralize these tactics. Advanced negotiation workshop participants learn to implement a negotiation evaluation process to more fully learn from each phase of the negotiation and to correct course for future negotiations. Learning is gained through real world case study and extensive role-play utilizing complex multi-party scenarios. This advanced negotiation training seminar picks up where the 1st level negotiation skills workshop leaves off.

Participants will learn to:

  • Assess their current negotiation proficiency through a benchmark
  • Understand how behavioral style drives negotiator tendencies
  • Utilize the 5 phases of negotiation for success
  • Focus on the 6 issues that underlie a complicated negotiation
  • Pace the negotiation for better results
  • Ask better questions to clarify and learn implications of the negotiation
  • Gauge how all parties in the negotiation will measure performance
  • Create and integrate new options to build more value for both parties
  • Build and deliver an effective first proposal
  • Create and claim a larger portion of the value for themselves
  • Recognize and neutralize 5 categories of tactics
  • Build and trade concessions with multiple values and priorities
  • Fully evaluate a negotiation to better prepare for the future deals

Class Size: Up to 18
Length: 2 days

A much deeper dive into overall negotiation strategy than I have experienced.
Senior Contract Negotiator
Chrysler Corporation

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