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Feb 19 2018

Athena Computer Solutions

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Our clients in the Tri-County area have included:

  • Absolute Traffic
  • Atlantic Excavation
  • Blue Raven Farm
  • Caring Sharing Food Bank
  • Catering Unlimited
  • Clean Cut Property Services
  • Conifer Ridge Farm
  • Country Artist Charlene ‘Charlie’ Harvey
  • Curtis Custom Design
  • D J Tents
  • East Hants Chamber of Commerce
  • East Hants Municipal Government
  • Euro Equestrian Sales
  • Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre VIC
  • Fundy Veterinarians
  • Gallery 215
  • Golden Age Auto Club
  • Guenter Burr Studios
  • Hants County Arts Council
  • Highway 102 Surplus
  • Holeshot Motorsports
  • Hyland Mills Kitchens
  • Informative Data Cartridges
  • It’s Sew Time!
  • JD Clarke, Country Performer
  • Just a Hobby Photo
  • Lisa’s Cafe
  • Maitland Heritage District
  • McCulloch Family Bakery
  • Molnar Welding
  • Musician John Sands
  • Noble Music Studios
  • Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities
  • Rosebowl Flowers Gifts
  • RT Collision Centre
  • Serenity Spa Salon
  • Shearer Photos
  • Shirley Baxter Knits
  • The Agridome, Provincial Exhibition Grounds
  • The Place Near Far Gallery
  • The Ridgewood Bridgewater
  • The Shoreline Journal
  • Tin Smith Shop Museum
  • Trumphill Kennels
  • Unit Production Vehicles
  • Value Vending Services
  • Village Bakery
  • West Hants Chamber of Commerce

Experience – Owner/Operator Anne Marie Feetham is associated with a variety of professionals, and has herself more than a quarter century in the Information Technology and Marketing fields, including experience in:

Marketing campaigns graphic design for:

Superstores (Head Office)

  • Force Ten Communications
  • Literary conventions – Hotel Nova Scotian, Old Orchard Inn, etc.

  • Aliant/Sympatico – tech/internet support

  • Imperial Oil/Esso – computer support
  • Maritime Tel Tel – customer support

  • Maritime Tel Tel

  • Superstores (Head Office)
  • Nova Scotia Department of Health

  • Professional websites at affordable prices. Customers can choose a website, whether large or small, that suits their business, group, or organization. Athena produces beautiful sites with links to your associates researched and tested. We also explain in plain English what the internet is all about, what are domain names, hosts, meta tags, search engines, etc. all the terms that you need to understand. Athena will help you use the internet as an effective marketing tool! Click on Websites to see our rates and our extensive portfolio; we’ve designed great sites for customers as varied as a wedding cake designer and a welder, from caterers to crafters to churches.

    We submit our client’s websites to over 75 on-line search engines directories!

    Athena produces full colour marketing material such as flyers, brochures and business cards, custom created for each client. Because we are small, we can accommodate small print runs, thereby keeping your costs low! We also offer our clients ways to save money (and paper), by designing mini-flyers so you can more out of your money. Visit our Design page to see more samples of our work and check out our rates.

    Owner/Operator Anne Marie has been providing personalized computer tutoring services for over 20 years for all kinds of students. Equally at home in classrooms, workshops, offices or private homes, Anne Marie offers customized tutoring for your specific needs, and offers special discounts for seniors and students! Click on Tutoring for more information and rates.

    While it’s easier than ever to buy a computer for your home or business, there are also more choices than ever when it comes to hardware, software, internet service providers and so on. Athena consults with the client to determine the system that’s best for you, assists with installation and customization of new or existing systems, or troubleshoots problems with your current equipment. Click on Consulting for more details and rates.

    For business advice.

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