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Sep 7 2017

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Choose your favorite car donation charity, fill out a vehicle donation form and donate a car to Cars Helping America. We offer car donors the best tax benefits for each vehicle donation contributed.

Q: What are the advantages of donating a car through Cars Helping America, (CHA)?
A: First, CHA provides charities with the most money from car donations. CHA owners attend every local auction and personally oversee the sale of each donation vehicle. No car is allowed to sell for less than it is worth. Also, compared to other donation centers, CHA passes on a larger portion of net proceeds to charities.

Second, CHA allows car donors the flexibility of choosing their favorite charity. Other donation centers will only support charities they ve chosen.

Q: What percentage of proceeds does CHA pass on to charities?
A: This is an important question, and one you ll want to consider carefully as you compare various donation agents. Because some agents deduct much higher fees than others before arriving at a net proceeds figure, the figure from which the donation amount is determined, you can not simply compare donation agents on the percentage figure alone. THIS IS A TRAP INTO WHICH MANY CHARITIES AND DONORS FALL, AND A FIGURE THAT APPEARS TO BE DECEPTIVELY HIGH IN SOME CASES.

Consider this: A donation vehicle sells for $1,000. Donation Center A deducts $600 in fees and then pays the charity 70% of net proceeds or $280.

Donation Center B deducts $300 in fees, and then pays the charity 50% of net proceeds, or $350.


Cars Helping America has nominal fees associated with each donation vehicle; fees that basically cover fixed costs like towing, auction fees, and minor repairs. We are the company that passes on 50% of a larger amount of net proceeds to our charities.

Submit a vehicle donation form to us and donate a car to the car donation charity of your choice. Each vehicle donation makes a difference – donate cars to Cars Helping America.

Q: How do charities know they are receiving the promised percentage of proceeds?
A: Along with every donation check, CHA provides charities with a written account of all expenses incurred in picking up, preparing, and liquidating the vehicle, and a statement showing the profit received from the liquidation. Charities clearly see that they are receiving 50% of net proceeds, as promised.

Q: Must charities/nonprofits deal exclusively with CHA as their vehicle donation agent?
A: Absolutely not! All charities with whom we work retain the freedom and independence to accept donations from whomever they choose. Our mission is to help causes, not to restrict their ability to access additional funding. We do believe, however, that charities will find they receive more money from cars donated through CHA because of the higher percentage of greater proceeds we promise to pass on.

Q: Does Cars Helping America have any references I can contact?
A: Yes! CHA is proud and pleased to provide you with contact information for those charities we have helped. In fact, we encourage you to find out just how happy they are!

Q: How long will it take for my charity to receive a check?
A: Typically, charities can expect to receive a check within 2 weeks of the time the vehicle is picked up. Written acknowledgement is then sent out to the vehicle s donator.

Q: Who runs Cars Helping America?
A: The founders/owners are Marty Schloss and John Nicholls, two respected members of their community, Middleton, MA.
Marty is respected as an expert in the business development/consulting industry. He has worked for over 20 years, providing value-added consulting services to large organizations, especially non-profits, to enhance growth and development. Marty s goal is to work with charities and build beneficial relationships.

John has been in the wholesale car business for over 20 years. He is a licensed, insured auto wholesaler, with an impeccable reputation in the industry. He has earned the trust and respect of all dealerships, auctions, and individuals with whom he s dealt.

For hassle-free pick up and great tax benefits, let us handle your vehicle donation. When you donate cars using our vehicle donation program, you make a valuable contribution to your community.

Q: How can a charity begin to benefit from a Cars Helping America donation?
A: First, a charity must authorize CHA to serve as their agent and accept vehicle donations on their behalf, by completing an authorization form. You can obtain a form by calling Cars Helping America at 978-804-0347.

CHA will provide charities with all the support materials they need to get started-brochures, posters, sample press announcements, etc. In addition, a CHA staff member is available to work with charities and provide the promotional support needed to maximize donation possibilities.

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