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Dec 7 2017

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Bachelors vs. Associates in Graphic Design?

I m currently a full-time student at The Art Institute of Colorado going for my Bachelors degree. I have been thinking of lowering it to just. show more I m currently a full-time student at The Art Institute of Colorado going for my Bachelors degree.
I have been thinking of lowering it to just finishing up with my Associates degree instead for a couple different reasons.

1. I m going to be getting married to an army soldier and if I move to be stationed with him getting stationed somewhere where I m not around a campus.

2. I ve been told by multiple people that their isn t a difference as long as you can prove your skills.

3. The difference between getting my associates versus my bachelors at my college is about $30,000 – $50,000 dollars more.

4. the last 5 quarter required to get my BA are mostly electives and senior projects. Why would I want to pay thousands of dollars to take classes not directed towards my field.

5. only downside between the 2 programs is with the BA they ll put you in an internship, where as with the AS they will not. But if I m moving from being stationed places with the army an internship wouldn t really help me.

So experienced people in the field, which is better and why?

how easy would it be for me to find a job (and what would I mostly be doing) if I just do it from the computer at home/online since I don t know where I ll be stationed or for how long?

ps. if I do AS I ll graduate this December. If I do BA I d graduate in March of 2011.

In a field like Graphic Design most employers don t care if you went to Harvard (not that they offer this degree) or barely made it out of high school, but what they do care about is what you can do. If you were a talented artist with an eye for design before you went to school, it wouldn t matter if you got a Bachelor s or not.
My personal recommendation (I m a web developer) would be to go down the web design path. Talented UI (user interface) developers are always in high demand.

Here is what I recommend you learn:

(maybe something like php – just enough to get around)
That combination can easily land you a job paying in the mid $50 s and above (people in my office make that and way more – I ve seen job postings with 6 figure salaries). The important thing here is talent. You have to be very good at at least 2 of those things listed.

In lieu of spending thousands of dollars and years more in school, you can spend about $1 – $5000 more on some books, training ( is awesome. ), maybe some other technical training (e.g – but this would be later down).

My first recommendation would be a book called:
Head First XHTML CSS .
It is probably one of the best starter books on XHTML/CSS.
After that you can then move to and browse through the CSS/HTML titles to see if you missed anything.

Then you can move on to Javascript – this will get your feet wet, very wet, then maybe a more advanced book.

Same goes for all others listed above.
If you dedicate a solid year (and I mean DEDICATE), there s nothing stopping you from having a solid career in this field.

It took me 1.6 years to go from $0 (literally) to $60,000 per year in web development.

While you are learning, you can also check out freelance sites like (better of the sites), (not so good) where you can start bidding on small design projects. To start you d probably have to work on low budget stuff, but as you get more experience, more positive reviews, you will earn more and more.

If you can, contact me to discuss more.

I didn t graduate college myself and earn well over $70,000 per year. Because of what I know, I d take the Pepsi challenge with any college grad, even with a Master s degree! (or PhD. ) because what I know is not taught in schools – and any employer who knows anything will judge based on your merit not on how long you sat in a classroom.

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