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Oct 1 2017

Business Degrees in Kentucky – University of the Cumberlands #doctorate #degrees #in #business, #elevate #your


Online Business Degrees in Kentucky


Interested in learning more about how we re doing? Review the following document to learn more about our goals and outcomes.

Success in the modern business world is about measurable contributions that validate your work, showcase your abilities and make you stand out from the competition. In an increasingly competitive global business environment, you want to apply for jobs with a full range of skills, knowledge, confidence and credentials. Employers want the complete package. This is what you work toward through the Hutton School of Business online MBA programs in Kentucky.

Whether you are seeking your first job or aspire to occupy the corner office, a well-rounded business education is vital to your success. At University of the Cumberlands. our career-focused business degrees can help you build the essential knowledge and cutting-edge skills to give you a competitive edge in today s business world. If you re looking for a business school that offers quality classes, then look no further than University of the Cumberlands.

A World of Opportunity Awaits
By enrolling in our online business programs, you join a knowledgeable, supportive community of dedicated business educators and ambitious students. The faculty encourages you to develop your own unique solutions to complex business problems as you dive into analysis, planning, marketing, business management and finance.

Working closely with instructors who are experts in their respective fields and classmates who share your ambitions helps you gain insight into the contemporary economic issues, business challenges and technology solutions that shape today s global marketplace.

The Hutton School of Business offers two online business degrees designed to help address the needs of working professionals and adult learners. The MBA and B.S. in Business Administration programs offer you the flexibility to complete online business classes on your schedule. Our Master s in Business Administration program is delivered entirely online and all the major courses for the B.S. in Business Administration degree are offered online as well.

Get started today. Call 855.791.7201 or simply fill out the short Student Information Form.

The Hutton School of Business at the University of the Cumberlands is an Educational Member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education.

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