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Oct 17 2017

Center for AIDS Research

The Indiana Center for AIDS Research work collaboratively to increase access to care for all persons living with HIV/AIDS, improve retention in care and adherence to treatment, reduce comorbidities for those living with HIV, increase community engagement and education—and eventually cure HIV.

Data provided by the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy at Indiana University School of Medicine informs health policy, improves health care delivery and promotes population health.

Center for Aging Research

The Center for Aging Research explores a variety of research topics that affect the aging population, including brain health, decision-making, physical fitness, transitional care, nursing home care, and medication use.

The Brown Center for Immunotherapy is developing new treatments and curing disease through the use of cell-based immunotherapies—with an initial focus on multiple myeloma and breast cancer.

Investigators at the Center for Musculoskeletal Health at IU School of Medicine focus on the discovery and development of new treatments for musculoskeletal disease.

Faculty investigators throughout IU School of Medicine’s 26 academic departments work collaboratively to advance knowledge about disease and improve treatment and health outcomes for patients throughout the world.

Department of Surgery

The IU School of Medicine Department of Surgery is committed to the education and development of excellent surgical clinicians, incorporating the skills, knowledge and competencies essential for providing a high standard of care to residents across the state of Indiana and beyond. Faculty educators in the Department of Surgery strive to advance surgical scientists and their research and aim to instill the leadership qualities that will empower graduates to excel in all practice settings.

As part of the largest medical school in the United States, the Department of Surgery at IU School of Medicine consists of six divisions, including general surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, transplantation surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and peripheral vascular surgery. More than 120 faculty members help mentor 100 residents and fellows each academic year pursuing specialized training.

The Department of Surgery places a strong emphasis on education for medical students, residents and fellows. The medical knowledge and development that occurs within the Department stems from a defined curriculum, dedicated faculty and an environment optimal for adult and pediatric patient care.

Surgical scientists and researchers at IU School of Medicine focus on the anatomy and techniques used in the operating room, operative performance, mental skills and surgical program evaluation. These accomplished physicians serve as the backbone for pursing new and innovative research in surgical education.

Department of Surgery faculty are experienced in performing every type of surgery, including general, trauma, cardiovascular/thoracic, pediatric, plastic, transplant and vascular. Patients in the care of these medical professionals benefit from the latest surgical techniques and innovative approaches to care.

Faculty Spotlights

Fulfilling the Promise

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