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Nov 30 2017

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Revamping Your Process Plant

Revamping a process plant is a complicated issue. This article gives the reader a flavor of some of the various options and possibilities that are considered while executing a revamp. When a process plant is set up, an owner has several things in mind; the market demand for his product and hence the plant capacity, the plant cost, the space availability, space for future expansion and so on. Once a plant has been built, there is equipment that has additional design margins. It is these margins that are utilized when a client decides to revamp his plant for capacity augmentation.

An efficient variable-speed drive for compressors and pumps

This software suite integrates analytics and machine learning

A single-pot system for the food industry

A reactive silencer keeps these compressors quiet

Customized bag filling for cement, minerals and chemicals

Control several channels with this HART multiplexer

A new range of thermoplastic seals

An efficient motorized actuator for globe and diaphragm valves

New PPE garment protects against both chemicals and fire

A fully scalable, single-use bioreactor system

A highly adaptable reverse osmosis system

These ultrafiltration membranes offer extreme hydrophilicity

A new probe for measuring hydrogen peroxide vapor

This gas monitor has a dual-sensor design

Rotary vane pumps for critical applications

Self-tuning transducer senses position, displacement or proximity

Save time and lost revenue with this valve matrix solution

Precise measurement and control of gases

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