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Oct 14 2017

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College of

Engineering Computer Science

Civil Engineering Students Capture 1st Place at Mid Pacific Competition

Imagine sixty-two accidents last year, four of which resulted in vehicle operator or pedestrian deaths, lost business opportunities for nearby stores, frustrated commuters blaring their horns, and unnecessary fuel expenses due to excessive idle time.

This was the type of real-world problem that was presented to six student teams participating in the Transportation Challenge at the 2017 ASCE Mid Pacific Regional Conference which had representation from universities such as UC-Berkeley, Tongji University, UC-Davis, Chico State and, of course, Sacramento State.

Based upon traffic flow microsimulation modeling, statistical analysis, best practices, budget considerations, aesthetics, and construction time, the Civil Engineering student teams at the regional conference were asked to deliver a report outlining the intersection redesign that best addressed all of the problems listed above. After laboring over mounds of numbers, equations, models, and drawings, the teams presented their solutions to a panel of judges on the day of the competition. The judges’ results were tallied and the announcements were made. Sac State was #1.

Our victorious 2017 Transportation Challenge Team consists of:

Osmar MaciasProject Manager President
Ashley ArreolaLead Geometric Design Vice President
Gabriela LopezCo-Project Manager Secretary
Micheal AlmazanResearch/Data Analysis/Calculations (and next year’s Project Manager)
Julian BanezResearch/Data Analysis/Calculations
Sam LeeResearch/Data Analysis/Calculations
Jesus LopezResearch/Data Analysis/Calculations
Jose PirirResearch/Data Analysis/Calculations

A special thanks is extended to Civil Engineering assistant professor, Dr. Ghazan Khan who continues to serve as the club adviser and mentor for the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter as well as the Transportation Challenge Team.

Transportation Challenge Team demonstrates proposal to judges

Transportation Challenge Team with award

Transportation Challenge Team members with judges

Giving to the College of Engineering and Computer Science

Our faculty continue to deliver a high quality education to our students, while also engaging in meaningful scholarly activity. However, funding for many of the initiatives that can make our college a national model for student development is in short supply. We need that funding. Therefore, we are seeking your support to help us on the three campaign fronts shown if you follow the button to the right.

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