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Aug 29 2017

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New to the WS-family – Series WS 300V

The Voice of the City

What we do

Over the years, Commend technology has advanced to a point where it is not always easy to briefly explain the key concepts, features and benefits to someone without going into technical details.

This 2-minute explainer video is designed to illustrate the concept of our security and communication system in a way that’s both educational and entertaining.

Commend Explainer Video

Our Solution Platform

The Commend product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from door intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Commend‘s building-block design concept ensures that all of the various security systems like CCTV, Access Control, Mobile Radio etc. combine to form a single, easy-to-use-and-manage platform.

Our Markets

Our solutions are designed to bring the benefits of professional security and intercom communication to a host of different environments. A common sight in many everyday situations, they act as reassuring beacons of help and support, anywhere from underground railway stations to parking garages, from road tunnels to high-security facilities, whether across globally networked industrial sites, or simply at the entrance to an office building.

Building Communication, Access Control, Lift Intercom

Control desks, public address and alarms

Information and Emergency Call Stations, Talking cameras

Monitoring, Communication solutions for visiting rooms and cells

Help Points, Access Control, Doors and Gates

Emergency Call and Info Terminals, Control Rooms

Information and Emergency Call Stations, passenger information announcements

Emergency Help Points, Modules for Toll Stations, Control Desks.

Tunnel Emergency Call Systems

Intercom Stations optimized for harsh environments and Ex-Zones

Communication solutions for intense levels of noise, dirt and heat, EX-stations

Instant two-way voice communication, site-wide announcements via integrated PA-systems

Membrane-protected stations, Communication Solutions for Pharmaceutical Plants, Clean Rooms

Integrated communication systems for operational and security purposes

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