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Apr 19 2018

Education, CPD and careers, architecture careers.#Architecture #careers

Education CPD and careers

Architecture careers

How to become an architect

Find out about ways to qualify as an architect, access support and guidance, and see how the RIBA encourages diversity and access to the profession.

Architecture careers

Studying architecture

Advice on where to study, accessing financial support and how we celebrate and reward students of architecture.

Architecture careers

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Our flexible CPD programme helps architects and construction professionals develop their relevant skills and core competencies

Find me a job

Visit the RIBA Appointments job board for career-changing roles from across the UK and overseas

Architecture careers


Find out what learning opportunities there are for families, young people, adults, school children and higher education students

Architecture careers

Who provides RIBA Validated education?

Find architecture schools and courses in the UK and internationally. RIBA Validation helps architectural education providers meet standards of excellence and diversity in student achievement.

membership and accreditation

Explore our range of memberships and accreditation available for architects at every stage of their career as well as related professionals

get in touch

Contact the RIBA Membership team directly:

Already a member? Contact the RIBA Information Centre’s dedicated line with your membership number ready +44 (0)20 7307 3600

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