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Aug 1 2017

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Infrastructure Management

As cities evolve and their infrastructure ages, maintaining their infrastructure becomes a critical component of city management. Cities carry the huge responsibility of keeping citizens safe. Old roads and infrastructure built decades or even centuries ago need to be able to accommodate rapidly increasing populations. Examining all parts of a city’s infrastructure in person is becoming increasingly difficult, costly and time consuming.

Cities need intelligent, efficient and safe ways to manage their infrastructure. They are constantly looking for better ways to keep citizens informed and to leverage limited resources in order to get as much work done as quickly and as safely as possible.

With intelligence from real-world data visualization and analysis, cities can gain visibility and contextual awareness into actual environments. As a result, they can provide city personnel with the right information at the right time to make timely and impactful decisions.

HERE Data Lens provides capabilities for enabling preventive and predictive maintenance of city assets using advanced visualization and analysis of sensor-derived data from city assets.

HERE Mobile SDKs and mobile apps allow cities to build and deploy mobile applications for the efficient routing and navigation of city field personnel to city assets for installation and maintenance activities.


HERE Technologies offers cities cost-effective ways to help maintain and improve infrastructure.

Increased efficiency

Reduce transportation costs and emissions associated with physically travelling to real-world locations with remote access to 3D street-level imagery for high-precision visualization, mapping, and measurement

  • Improved decision-making

    Shift from reactive maintenance of city infrastructure assets to preventive and predictive maintenance by visualizing and analyzing inputs from low-cost, location-enabled sensors

  • Optimized workforces

    Equip city engineering and maintenance personnel with mobile apps for optimal job routing and navigation, and for easy identification of assets using augmented reality and advanced positioning capabilities – even indoors.

    Visualize asset performance

    Infrastructure operators can contextually visualize and analyze the performance of their networks with surrounding and underlying map features.

    Learn how HERE Data Lens helps you bring your data to life

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