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Aug 1 2017

Hickey Memorial Chapel Midlothian – Mobile Edition #comcastsportsnetchicago



To Our Friends and Neighbors:

Since our founding in 1928, we remain family owned operated as well as dedicated to the standards set by our father and grandfather. We continue to strive to serve all faiths of our community with dignity, compassion, and integrity.

Many area funeral homes and cemeteries have been purchased by large national and international corporations (most of whom have recently been near bankruptcy with bottomed-out stock values). Unfortunately, the family or business name is typically part of the purchase and a key person is usually retained under contract to give the general public the impression that nothing has changed. Large corporations may have their place in corporate America, but we believe when making funeral arrangements – either in advance or at need – it is in your best interest to do so with someone who has to answer to you, not to “corporate stockholders.”

We will be glad to help you and your family select the type of service you desire and choose only the options that you feel necessary in planning the funeral of your choice.

Our prices are based on a true analysis of our operating costs and what we consider to be “honest pricing.” Using “honest pricing” gives us the ability to offer our merchandise at a more realistic (and often drastically less) cost than most funeral homes, or any so-called discount stores.

We invite you to compare our pricing structure with other funeral homes. However, in that comparison, you must be careful to evaluate like goods and services, as well as the total price. Some firms will under price their service charges and overprice their merchandise in an effort to lure price shoppers. This is a method that has historically been used, but makes it more difficult to compare like goods and services. The merchandise itself must be considered on the same level (the manufacturer, quality, or gauge of steel caskets, workmanship and quality of hardwood caskets, the reinforced strength of burial vaults, etc.) in order to make a complete assessment.

We feel confident that you will find the Hickey and Peloquin families offer the highest commitment to both quality and service. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions about the services we offer; we may be reached at any of our three locations

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