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Jan 10 2018

How to do payroll – payroll solutions for small business, hiring employees.#Hiring #employees

What Every Employer Should Know

Your business is growing and you need employees. Whether staffing up or looking for your first hire, we’re here to help.

Basic Payroll

Learn payroll basics and avoid common pitfalls.

Hiring employees

Pay Day!

Every week? Every other week? On an agreed upon schedule, just calculate your employees’ wages, withhold the correct amount of taxes issue their paycheck.

Hiring employees

Paying Payroll Taxes

You will need to pay the government the Federal State taxes withheld from your employees’ paychecks — as well as payroll taxes your business owes.

Hiring employees

Filing Tax Forms

Let’s face it. Forms are frustrating. But you’re required to fill file them, so the government knows who’s been paid what, the taxes paid, other details. Most businesses file quarterly; and some file monthly or yearly.

Hiring employees


Hours. Wages. Withholdings. Taxes. Health care benefits. Getting all those calculations right gets complicated. Fortunately you have software and service options to help.

Hiring employees


It’s your responsibility to keep up with Federal State tax deadlines. You can do it at the IRS website. Or use our payroll product that automatically sends you reminders when taxes are due.

Hiring employees


It happens… Deadlines get missed. Calculations have errors. But a reputable full service payroll option like ours takes complete ownership of all your tax responsibilities.

Which Payroll works for you?

Compare 5 ways to calculate and report payroll taxes

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