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May 15 2018

International Fellowship of Chaplains – Certified Chaplain Training, hospice chaplain training.#Hospice #chaplain #training

International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc.

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Hospice chaplain trainingInternational Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC) is a non profit organization, providing training, recognition, certification and information in the varied areas of chaplaincy. We interface with both the secular and ministry worlds for the purpose of promoting tolerance and understanding, as well as, provide professional, trained and dedicated chaplains in the various fields of need. As our duty and an actual mandate from God, IFOC’s purpose is to “Train (and equip) the saints (the body of Christ) for the work of the ministry”

The work of the chaplain differs greatly from the work of the pastorate. The pastor cares for the spiritual needs of the congregation; whereas, the chaplain must care for the needs of the secular world as well.

There are several fields of chaplaincy, some of which are easily recognized. Others are not. The IFOC endorses all types of chaplains and recognizes the need for credentialed coverage. Some chaplaincy areas of note are, police, fire, hospital, jail, industrial, transportation, search rescue, sports, collegiate, hospice, nursing home, motor cycle, and the list goes on. All are valid in scope and design. All need education, credentials guidance to do the work their hearts desire.

Hospice chaplain training Hospice chaplain training


Is your church or ministry ready for the next disaster?

“Ministers in the workplace” (chaplains) have training and credentials that open doors of ministry that are currently closed to many individuals and organizations. The I.F.O.C. can help prepare you for the next disaster.

Go to our Membership page for information on chaplain training and credentialing.


Please remember to keep us informed of your current contact information. You can submit your updates here. This will help us keep our membership database up to date.

Who Can Become a Chaplain?

Anyone who has been called to a ministry can become a chaplain! As a certified chaplain you will have training in areas such as; providing support to your pastor/church, minister in hospitals, nursing homes, to youth, to the handicapped, as a first responder, and more. Whatever the Lord has called you to ministry for, chaplaincy training can enhance your ministry.

Can I Host a Chaplain Training Event?

Classes are scheduled six months in advance, allowing the time needed for advertising it on the IFOC website and Facebook to help with the recruiting of students.

Class size We require a minimum of 25 student registrations by the close of “early bird” registration.

The Host It is the host s responsibility to provide a facility (at no cost to IFOC), sized for the number of students, with adequate space to allow students to view the projected presentation information (we bring our own equipment).

The class host is responsible to recruit students for their class.

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