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Aug 5 2017

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Welcome to N S Legal – Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney Firm

N S Legal Group is a Los Angeles based Law Firm that specializes in California Lemon Law and serves clients throughout the state of California. Our CA Lemon Law Attorneys take pride in understanding the nuances and intricacies of the California Lemon Law which result in successful outcomes for our clients. With decades of combined experience and high success rate on countless cases, there is no wonder why the Lawyers of N S Legal Group are the most sought after Lemon Law Attorneys in California and the best option for consumers seeking to protect their rights against vehicle manufacturers in California. Every client’s Lemon Law case and situation is different, though the frustration of realizing that you bought a Lemon is the same. We handle each Lemon Law CA client individually – taking into consideration all your needs and concerns. We are a state-wide California Law Attorney Firm that specializes in the California Lemon Law ; our experience and knowledge translate into success where others fail.

With N S Legal Group you pay No Out of Pocket Fees . ever. So unlike some other Lemon Law CA firms. we have no hidden fees. What you may or may not know is that that the California Lemon Law provides that the vehicle manufacturer will be responsible for your Attorney fees upon a successful resolution of your case. Rest assured, at N S Legal you will never have to pay for Attorney fees because we honor the Fee Provision of the California Lemon Law.

We understand that it is not always easy to move forward in any legal matter but make it our job to ensure this experience will be as comfortable as possible throughout the legal process. We take considerable measures to keep our CA Lemon Law clients informed throughout the process and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome for your case in the fastest amount of time.

Whether you are located in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles. Irvine, Orange County, San Diego. Fresno. San Francisco. Palm Springs or any other area of California the Lemon Law Attorneys at N S Legal Group can represent you and are ready to provide you with a Free no obligation consultation. Stop wondering whether you have a Lemon, please take a moment to explore our CA Lemon Law site so you can become better informed about the CA Lemon Law and discover all that N S Legal has to offer you. Once you’re ready, please feel free to Call or Contact Us or fill out our No Obligation Free Lemon Law Consultation request form so that the Attorneys at N S Legal can begin the process of taking you out of your Lemon.

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