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Aug 8 2017

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MBA Software | Custom accounting software, job shop software, accounts receivable software

MBA Custom Accounting Software

MBA Software and Consulting has been helping growing and mid-size companies run their businesses more efficiently since 1979. Our custom accounting software for small business, known as Series 3, helps make the financial process simple, by tracking all facets of your business and automating complex tasks.

Series 3 custom accounting software handles business essentials like accounting, distribution, and payroll. It also handles a variety of other advanced accounting tasks. Series 3 is ideal as small business payroll software, and also functions well as general ledger software for medium and growing businesses. It is designed entirely from customer input, meaning it completely conforms to the needs of users.

Our Series 3 custom accounting software features rich modules that represent real life business requirements, making it ideally suited to a wide range of different industries. We also provide excellent customer support for all our custom accounting installations. When was the last time you called a software company for help and got a live voice ?

MBA s unrivaled commitment to customer service, its affordability, and its scalability will make Series 3 the last custom accounting software you ll ever need!


Written By: John Steveken | Published On: 28th May 2017 | Read Full Article

Written By: John Steveken | Published On: 27th May 2017 | Read Full Article

We do think you should know how highly we think of you and almost look upon you as a partner. As you know, we have over 118,000 line items of goods that we ship all over the world. We do not have a lock on any of these goods and competition is fierce. We, too, believe that SERVICE is ingrained in our own corporate culture and it is nice to be aligned with a like-thinking company.

Linden Malone
President, H.J. Malone Associates, MBA Customer since 1988

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