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Oct 17 2017

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NYC Storage Parking is a great deal if you use your vehicle 3 or fewer times a month. Rates are much lower and since you re not using your car very much, you re probably OK with traveling a bit farther to get your car.

If you sign up for NYC Storage Parking, be sure to ask about any Exit Fees, which can range from $5 $15 every time you use your car. Do the math, because it might just pay to have a regular NYC parking space if you find that you re using your car more than you expected.

Rates are lower. During 2013 2014, NYC Storage Parking rates have been $200 for regular vehicles, $250 for oversize vehicles. Exit Fees range from $7 $10, and can apply 24/7 or only Monday Friday.

You may have to wait longer to get your vehicle. Since you have to pay an Exit Fee when you take Storage Parking, some NYC garages will treat you as a daily parking customer instead of a monthly parking customer. That means the garage will issue you a claim ticket every time you park, and it can take the garage longer to locate your car and have it ready for you.

Park It! has some great Monthly Parking rates for Storage Parking. Be sure to note that you use your car 3 or fewer times each month to get the best rates!

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