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Jan 11 2018

PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5 compatibility fixes are live in our nightly snapshots, and we

ANNOUNCE: PHP 5.4 Compatibility
Dec 01, 2012 by Paul Lesniewski

With the recent release of PHP version 5.4, some community members have helped identify some small issues which we’ve fixed and made available in our daily snapshot packages located on our downloads page. Especially if you use the Mail Fetch plugin and want to upgrade to PHP 5.4, you should download one of our snapshot packages.

UPDATE: If you are running SquirrelMail under PHP 5.4, please help test and refine the patches found here. There is one patch for each of the two SquirrelMail SVN snapshot versions available on our downloads page.

NEWS: SquirrelMail Nominated For SourceForge Project Of The Month
Aug 06, 2012 by Paul Lesniewski

It’s been nine and a half years since SquirrelMail was the SourceForge Project Of The Month, and we have again been nominated for that privilege. We’re up against some really great software, so if you’d like to vote, see
Update: SquirrelMail took third place by a narrow margin, which is very respectable considering the quality projects that were nominated. Thanks to those who voted and congratulations to PeaZip!

ANNOUNCE: SquirrelMail 1.4.22 Released
Jul 12, 2011 by Paul Lesniewski

The SquirrelMail Team is pleased to announce the release of SquirrelMail version 1.4.22. This release contains a large number of performance enhancements, stability fixes and a few bug/security fixes.

The most important thing to note when upgrading to version 1.4.22 is that due to a fix made that standardizes the folder list display, administrators who had their configuration file set to work around this issue in the past will need to update their configuration. This will commonly affect those using Courier IMAP, but could affect others as well.

If you have $default_sub_of_inbox set to FALSE in your main configuration (or, using the configuration tool, see “3. Folder Defaults” ===> “12. Default Sub. of INBOX”), and you find after upgrade that your special folders (e.g. Trash, Drafts, Sent) are no longer listed at the top of your folder list, please change that value to TRUE.

Also, if you find that this upgrade prevents users from logging in with an error such as “ERROR: Could not complete request. Query: CREATE “Trash” Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name.”, you will need to correct the user preference values for the problem folders. You can do so with commands such as the following for file-based preferences (adjust the data directory location as needed):

find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed –in-place ‘s/trash_folder=Trash/trash_folder=INBOX.Trash/g’ <> \;
find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed –in-place ‘s/draft_folder=Drafts/draft_folder=INBOX.Drafts/g’ <> \;
find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed –in-place ‘s/sent_folder=Sent/sent_folder=INBOX.Sent/g’ <> \;

Or, for database-based preferences:

UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = ‘INBOX.Trash’ WHERE prefkey = ‘trash_folder’ AND prefval = ‘Trash’;
UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = ‘INBOX.Drafts’ WHERE prefkey = ‘draft_folder’ AND prefval = ‘Drafts’;
UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = ‘INBOX.Sent’ WHERE prefkey = ‘sent_folder’ AND prefval = ‘Sent’;

MAKE SURE to back up your user preferences before doing any of the above!

This release also addresses several security issues, including some harsh but hard to exploit XSS bugs, a general clickjacking vulnerability, and a small problem with message sanitizing.

If only for the clickjacking protection, we recommend that users of previous versions of SquirrelMail upgrade at their earliest convenience.

For more complete details, see the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog files included in this release (in the doc/ directory).

NEWS: SquirrelMail makes another Hollywood appearance
Nov 17, 2010 by Paul Lesniewski

SquirrelMail once again hits the big screen, this time making two cameos in “The Social Network “. SquirrelMail was spotted in use by Mark Zuckerberg’s and Sean Parker’s characters. So far, no one has contacted us regarding our cut of the box office. 😉

NEWS: Is SquirrelMail “Notable?”
Jul 23, 2010 by Paul Lesniewski

It seems that one Wikipedia user thinks that SquirrelMail is not considered “notable” enough to retain its own Wikipedia page. Do you agree? Disagree? Voice your opinion.

UPDATE: As of November 2010, SquirrelMail’s notability seems to have been commonly agreed upon and the notability warning has been removed. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion and especially those who took it upon themselves to improve the article itself!

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