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Jan 17 2018

RFID for Schools

TIPWeb-RFID is the first RFID inventory solution designed for K-12 education. Take advantage of the streamlined audit process while also performing day-to-day tracking of inventory to buildings, departments, rooms, staff and students

School Asset Management

TIPWeb-IT asset management software provides a real-time, district-wide view of all your resources. Watch our short video to get an in-depth look at the school asset management software.

Textbook Inventory Management

TIPWeb-IM textbook management software is designed to efficiently manage instructional material inventory and help districts ensure communication, accountability, and availability of instructional resources.

Consulting Services

Utilizing more than 100 years of combined experience, our services team will provide inventory control related services that are proven to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and decrease costs.

School Inventory Management Solutions

Hayes Software Systems specializes in providing industry-leading solutions focused on school asset management and textbook inventory management. The results are increased efficiencies, time and cost savings, and powerful reporting. Additionally, Hayes consulting services team can be deployed to provide change management, identify process and procedure improvements, optimize resource requirements, and ensure a high return on investment.

Success Stories

News Events

Hayes Software Systems Named One of the Best Places to Work by Austin Business Journal

Hayes Software Systems Announces the Launch of a K-12 Focused Help Desk Solution, GetHelp

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Chooses Hayes for Inventory Management of Largest K-12 Chromebook Deployment in US

Getting Started

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Customer Support

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