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Nov 24 2017

San Diego Law Firm, Mazzarella – Mazzarella LLP #lawyer #in #san #diego


With More Than 85 Years Of Combined Experience Serving Southern California

The attorneys at Mazzarella Mazzarella LLP are business and real estate trial lawyers. That is all we do. And nobody does it better.

The lawyers and staff at Mazzarella Mazzarella provide our clients unparalleled representation at a significantly lower cost than larger firms. But lower cost is not what makes us the best choice for clients who are in need of legal representation in a business or real estate dispute. We are the best choice because no one is more respected by their peers than our attorneys; no one has more trial or practical experience than we do; no one manages litigation more efficiently and effectively; and no one gets better results.

We Are Recognized By Our Peers As The Best.
Year after year, in virtually every peer review survey, when San Diego lawyers and judges are asked, “Who are the best lawyers in San Diego,” they name the lawyers at Mazzarella Mazzarella. (See Peer Reviews)

We Are Highly Experienced Trial Lawyers, Not Just “Litigators”
The lawyers at Mazzarella Mazzarella have tried over 125 cases to conclusion before judges, juries and arbitrators from San Diego to Washington D.C. If your dispute has to be tried, you don’t want your lawyer to be “practicing” on your case. While most cases settle or are dismissed before trial, a lawyer’s trial experience, or lack of it, can have a significant impact not just on trial results, but also on the terms of any settlement. When considering settlement, it is important that your opponent knows that if the case goes to trial, you will be represented by an attorney who tries and wins cases. We have that reputation.

We Manage To Get The Best Results
At Mazzarella Mazzarella whoever is responsible for preparing a case for trial, or positioning it for the best possible settlement, does most of the work on the case. We don’t spread work around depending upon who happens to be available at the moment. As a result, our trial lawyers know every detail about their cases; which leads to better results. In the process we also avoid inflated bills caused by inefficient and costly delegation.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best
If you are choosing who to represent you in a lawsuit, or to keep you out of one, you are about to make a very important decision. You wouldn’t hire a surgeon just because he or she happened to work in the same medical group as your primary physician. You would want the best qualified, most experienced and most successful surgeon available. And you should settle for nothing less than the best when choosing a trial lawyer. To learn more about what makes Mazzarella Mazzarella the best possible choice to represent you in any business or real estate dispute, see

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