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Dec 7 2017

Shadowhunters – Recap: Season 2 Episode 14 – Clary Makes A Choice #wayland #pack #and


Shadowhunters. Did Clary’s Trip to the Seelie Court Sink a Fan-Favorite ‘Ship?

So Izzy and Alec s mom def has the hots for Luke right?? That was my major take-away from this epi And as usual Clary was bull headed arrogant selfish and naive all at the same damn time. Jace told her not to bring Simon. He told both of them to be careful and not touch anything. And poor Izzy gets dumped. Has the most epic heart to heart with her mom about her drug addiction. Her dads infidelity(clearing the way for Lucky Lucian) and comes to vent to her friend and this ginger wannabe shadowhunter special snowflake is balling her eyes out and in need of consoling because two great guys like her Not because the man who raised her like his own flesh and blood and who loved her and her mother and is still clearly in grief over her death and the death of many in his pack (thanks in no small part to her arrogance) was locked up for attempting to kill her bio dad No she s crying cuz a lie she s been telling herself and everyone else has come to light Ugh she s the worst

Yup, have to agree I find Clary pretty unlikable.

Yeah I think Clary s character is arrogant! Everyone says it s jace who has character issues but seriously clary makes u want to punch her in the face!

Yes to all of this. I cannot stand Clary. She s such a horrible character. She constantly wants things her way with little regard to the consequences or impact it will have for anyone else. She s the worst.

Paula Burke says:

Clary is being portrayed too far from the books and that is why there is a consensus to her being arrogant. Simon is her best friend and she sees the relationship as safe. Clary is afraid of her chemistry with Jace. She is a control freak and is off balance with Jace. Love does that for many of us. For Simon, a truly reinvented character for show that I love but not with Clary. I like Izzy for him. She is so suitable and in many ways a better choice for long-term love. Simon will have his own baggage that will come in the next episode if you view the promo. It would be interesting to see Raphael and Simon build a triangle around Izzy. I believe that Jace is really amazing in his loyalty to both Clary and Simon. He is very supportive of Simon and I see that he is true to his word. He has sacrificed his feelings to keep Clary happy but will that keep? Remember in the Fair Folk world the truth comes out. For those of us that want Jace and Clary together we will be dragged along as television likes to keep ratings high with a final episode of mystery. What I find troubling about the Clary character is she is always quick to judge. Here she is sitting at the table and she is judging Jace on his book club lie. That tells me she wants both of them. Wait until she finds out that Jace was with Maia. Look out everyone.

See I didn t like her in the books either. Frankly, I didn t care much for the books past the first one. I never cared for Jace or Clary in the books. But the show has made me actually care about Jace. Clary could be killed off tomorrow and I wouldn t blink an eye. Her character is awful and doesn t seem to care about anything unless it impacts her directly.

I find the character of clary so annoying. She s so flat. Other characters seem to have more dimension. They need to help that actor out and write he a decent character. Who cries over boys after all the stuff she s been through??

oh YES Clary IS the worst. and honestly, Kat s acting doesn t help at all.

It was Amazing Kiss Jace and Clary together in Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 14 Jace belongs with Clary and no one else I am sorry that Simon is hurting but maybe this will make him stronger person and Vampire too I know that Raphael and Izzy will finally be together in the end there feelings for each other will get a lot Stronger they are not going to want to stay away from each other Simon is going to need the other Vampires there for him

simon shouldn t have gone with them in the first place.i couldn t care less about whom clary ends up with, but his eagerness to go wherever she goes is becoming annoying fast. this was a diplomatic mission, he never should ve been there in the first place.
i loved alec and his meeting with the downworlders, and how he refused to give up on his vision for them. also loved maryse finally coming around.
that ollie chick is so annoying. therés gotta be more to her, but even if she were just a regular mundane; what kind of person goes to investigate and question every move her new partner makes?
will tudor is delicious as sebastian/jonathan, he s so good at duping everyone and playing the nice guy, and then turn around and be downright creepy.
it s a shame they re going in this direction with raphael/izzy now, when it s essentially already too late. their scenes these past two episodes have been very beautiful, and would ve been very interested to see how they would handle a relationship between an asexual person, and a person who s normally sexually very active. but with this whole yin fen history between them, this could never truly work. pity, cause emeraude and david have some wonderful chemistry.

Paula Burke says:

I agree with you. Sebastian is really crafty and sinister. The closet scene is really the beginning of the danger of Jonathan. This was my favorite episode in part 2 thus far. many plots are coming together. There is great character development. The Seelie Queen is really clever and manipulative as the books try to portray. The Seelie court scene is more difficult to imagine in book form. The show nailed it. They pulled off the location with imagery in a beautiful but eerie way. The Jace/Clary kiss was pretty intense. The show should not deviate and truly they are destined to be together. Writers are getting to the core of the books. I hope this is a continuation. A+ in my opinion.

I read all the books and I don t remember Simon being anything but a friend to Clary when she found out Jace was not her brother. It was always Jace. Simon was not a love interest. Please point out where in the book Clary and Simon hook up.

Clearly you didn t read very closely. Simon and clary were a couple when clary still thought Jace was her brother. The Seelie court kiss happened in the book, but was even more awkward because Jace and Clary still thought they were brother and sister. Simon runs off after and that s when he gets turned into a vampire.

Thank you so much Csb. Been years so clearly some facts did not reach my memory banks when the TV show came on. Guess it s time to reread the Shadowhunter series. I remember almost all of the books but I am a Senior so going with the Senior brain slowing down.

Simon and Clary get together in the second book I believe (city of ashes) after the events of the first book where they find out Jace and Clary are related. I distinctly remember them making out in bed at least once. She describes being with Simon as comfortable or safe Something like that

Thank you Jessi. I would have hated rereading the whole set just to find that out. It s been a long time and after that I read the Infernal Devices and moved on to Lady Midnight and Lord of the Shadows, which is excellent also.

Paula Burke says:

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