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Jun 21 2018

Small Business Telephone Systems

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Small business telephone systems specialist based in Leicester midlands that provide a complete range of Orchid Office phone systems, samsung digital key systems that will help fulfill your communication needs and requirements. we also provide installation and cabling services for all our small office phone systems in the UK aswell as selling and installing CAT5e Voice and Data cabling packages at small discount prices. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please email your requirements and we will be happy to provide a written quotation with several options.

Small Business Telephone Systems

Discount phone call packages and BT Line rentals – To all our customers we provide a complete range of discount calls and line rentals with specially negotiated rates with tier 1 networks including Opal, TalkTalk Business and BT’s 21 century network. We provide a free independant cost analysis and tariff review including a comprehensive report highlighting our recommendations and savings that will be achieved by using our services. We can also offer packages with all our small business telephone systems we offer, please contact us for latest deals.

Business Broadband – The Key to any modern small business is Fast and reliable broadband at a competative price. We provide a range of broadband products and services that will enhance the ever increasing demands of a small business that uses broadband as a business tool that increases productivity and improves customer services. Our range of fast business broadband includes: ADSL, ADSL 2, Annex M, SDSL and Fibre Optic Broadband. FTTC or BT’s Fibre to the cabinet is now available in many areas of the UK. Please ask for a free next generation broadband speed test to ensure your company is achiveing the best possible broadband speeds at most cometative price. Business Broadband

Data Cabling and CAT 5 Installations – Small office phone systems and computer networks can now be operated over CAT 5 Structured Cabling networks that cuts installation costs and improves flexibility by using one cabling system for voice and data. We install high quilty british made CAT 5 dat solution that are expertly fitted by our certified data engineers. All of our CAT 5 installations are terminated and tested and come with a manufacturers warranty. Our CAT5 data cabling packages ideal for any small office which can be purchased online and installed throughout the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Video and Audio conferrencing – Video and audio conferrencing equipment can dramtically reduce the cost of travel and reduce operating costs for any small commercial company. Video and audio conferrencing can also improve the way you communicate as a small business with customers, suppliers and with staff that are geographicly seperated. We provide a range of Polycom video and audio equipment for all office types and budgets.

VoIP used with a phone system

VoIP is now being used in many commercial enviroments due to improved technology using 21 century networks that improve the quality of voice over the internet. VoIP can now be used with small business telephone systems as the primary telephone line or as secondary line that can be used for cheaper or sometimes freee calls over the internet using a broadband connection. VoIP we believe is a ideal solution for home workers where the telephone system provides extension facilities to a home worker using the own broadband connection over the internet that forms a virtual private network.(VPN) If your business would like to benefit from VoIP either now or sometime in the future we recommend that the system you purchase is SIP line or VoIP compatible which all of our small office Phone systems are. Telcat will provide you sound commercial advice and recommendations when it comes to implementing voip within your business. We will work with you and provide honest straight forward advice in easy to understand language when it comes to using or avoiding voip in your small business.

Digital Key or Analogue commercial Telephone Systems- Telcat offer both a range of digital and Analogue small office phone systems to suit all budgets and feature requirements. Analogue systems offer basic office system features and functions and are ideal for those on a budget or for any office that do not require advanced call mangement. Digital Key system have more advanced features like seeing the status of lines and extensions. Also digital office systems have faster call handling. Samsung 7030 telephone systems are our best selling digital pbx system for businesses and we have a selection of 7030 bundles on our website that include installation and user training included in the price.

DIY Small Business Telephone Systems – Telcat have put a range of budget DIY Small business telephone systems in packages that are designed for the smaller companys that provide many system features and operating reliabilty at a price that we believe to be the most competative in the UK with no need for engineer installation. Orchid B usiness Telephone Systems are our best sellers that are ideal for any office that require up to 4 lines and 16 extensions with basic features that you would expect from a more expensive branded small business telephone systems. The Orchid 416 and 308 plus system is ideal for a commercial company who require multiple extensions to dial out from and share phone lines aswell as being able to direct incoming calls to a group of phones and being able to pick u a telephone call from any extension. Voicemail is also available on the Orchid 416 and digital answer phones can be connected to the orchid 308. The Orchid KS416 and the Orchid KS308 are Key small business telephone systems that enable telephone calls to be directed to a master key phone or several key phones who will be responsible for answering incoming telephone calls as operaters. The master key phones have status lights on them that enable the telephone operator to see the status of lines and extensions which make the orchid ks systems ideal for single or dual operators managing and transfering incoming telephone calls. We also offer a 2 line orchid PBX system that is ideal for home or as a small office Phone system. If you would like any more information/help on our small commercial Phone systems or our other services we provide please feel free to contact us. Telephone Engineer Leicester

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