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Jan 13 2018

SteelHead CX, wan optimization appliances.#Wan #optimization #appliances



SteelHead CX/GX delivers best in class optimization for today’s Hybrid WANs, accelerating the performance of all applications to improve productivity and reduce costs.

SteelHead optimizes the entire hybrid enterprise from on premises to whichever cloud solution or combination of the hybrid cloud that’s right for your business. For every App. Every User and Every Network in your enterprise.

SteelHead empowers IT to strategically manage the hybrid enterprise with:

  • Optimization: We deliver up to 100x performance for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications with optimization across the hybrid enterprise to users everywhere.
  • Visibility: We identify more applications than any other vendor to streamline management and provide integrated network, application and end user visibility, for optimal application performance.
  • Control: We provide centralized, policy-based controls that are application-centric, so you can easily, direct, prioritize and secure applications across various network paths.


IDC: The Business Value of Riverbed SteelHead

SteelHead delivers:

Industry Leading Optimization

By addressing not only bandwidth, but also latency, SteelHead uniquely addresses network performance completely, to deliver the best end-user experience – while minimizing the impact on infrastructure.

  • Patented Data Streamlining to eliminate redundant data transfers
  • Transport Streamlining to reduce TCP round trips and data per trip

  • Application Streamlining to reduce application transactions
  • Application-Intelligence and Control

    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) on SteelHead precisely identifies application flows and classifies over 1,300 applications – on-premises, in the cloud or SaaS. Applications are automatically organized into groups that are logical to the business and to which global policies can easily be applied to meet business requirements and application SLAs.

    SteelHead delivers optimization for demanding security protocols such as SSL/TLS and HTTPS and secures all traffic flowing between SteelHeads, whether over private (MPLS) or Internet links. Strategic partnerships with Zscaler, and support for external HSMs such as Safenet, offer flexibility for security requirements and simplified integration.

    Secure Web Proxy

    SteelHead offers an embedded, single-ended web proxy delivering latency reduction and bandwidth savings for video traffic including VOD, and live streaming such as YouTube.

    SteelHead can support up to 1 million connections through an intelligent, scale-as-you-grow performance architecture. SteelHead Interceptor amplifies the solution to enterprise scale, with load balancing intelligence and high availability to meet and scale network-wide throughput.

    SteelHead for Hybrid WANs is available in a variety of form factors/models, including appliances, virtual software and cloud instances.

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