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Dec 7 2017

Share Trading Account Comparison (Best Brokers, Brokerage House, Sites, Trader, Broker) #online, #stock, #equity, #broker,

# Comparison of Share Brokers in India Classic Account Account Opening Charge Rs 750 (adjusted against first 6 months brokerage) Brokerage Account AMC Rs 0 Demat Account AMC Rs 400 Minimum Brokerage Rs 16 per scrip Equity Delivery 0.50% Equity Intraday 0.10% Equity Future 0.10% Equity Options Rs 100 per lot Currency Futures 0.10% Currency Options Rs 30 per lot Commodity 0.10% Equity Delivery NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹275 Equity Intraday NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹275 Equity Future NSE ₹190 | BSE ₹50 Equity Options NSE ₹5000 | BSE ₹50 Currency Futures NSE ₹135 | MCX ₹130 Currency Options NSE …

Nov 17 2017

Incorporating in Delaware vs California #california, #delaware, #incorporation, #franchise, #taxes, #liability, #directors, #officers, #startup, #law,

# Entrepreneurs often ask whether they should be incorporating in California (or their home state) or if they are better protected by incorporating in Delaware or some other jurisdiction. Their concerns are often focused on taxes, limitations on personal liability and governance of the corporation. However, for the tech startup, the question may best be centered around finance, as I will explain below. Why do companies choose to incorporate in Delaware? Delaware is a favored state for incorporation for large corporations because: It has historically offered the best franchise tax rules and been the most pro-management; It has offered the …

Oct 2 2017

Pubs in rotherham #pubs, #rotherham, #inn, #tavern, #hotel, #ward, #albert #tavern, #alma, #alpine, #angel, #anvil,

# Photo’s of pubs were taken by John Ward unless stated on the relevant web page as to where they are from. A bson, Acaster, Acaster, Adams, Addy, Adsetts, Ainley, Ainscough, Aizelwood, Allen, Allot, Allwood, Alvey, Anderson, Andrews, Angraves, Antcliffe, Appleyard, Ardous, Armeson, Armstrong, Arnall, Arnold, Arrand, Asbury, Ashley, Ashmore, Astbury, Aston, Astwo od. Atherton, Athey, A tkin. Atkinson, Attwood, Auckland, Austin, Avill, Axleby, Ayrton. B abb, Bacon, Badger, Bagnall, Bailey, Baines, Baker, Bakewell, Ball, Ballard, Banks, Bann, Bannister, Bardsley, Barker, Barkess, Barlow, Barnaby, Barnes, Barraclough, Bartholomew, Bates, Batty, Bayton, Bazeley, Beatie, Beaumont, Beckett, Beecroft, Beedham, Beeley, Beevers, Bell, Bells, …