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Nov 14 2017

Mood Disorders #whiplash- #associated #disorder

# Mood Disorders Almost everyone experiences at least brief periods of sadness, feeling “down”, or being energetic and upbeat at various points in his/her lifetime. That’s just part of being human. However, there’s a significant portion of the population that has disturbances in their mood that are not considered normal. Individuals in this group have what is clinically referred to as a “mood disorder”. What “mood” means in a medical context While many people use the term “mood” to simply refer to their feelings at any given moment (e.g. “I’m in a happy mood”), mental health professionals use it a …

Sep 3 2017

Amy Childress Associated Accounting Services P #associated #accounting

# SOME DATA MAY BE OUT-OF-DATE TaxBuzz uses basic business information from third-party data providers. We have built our database from these public records and sources. In the process, some of the data may appear out-of-date. We allow business owners to claim their listings to make sure we are showing the most accurate profiles and contact information. This profile has been flagged as possibly being out-of-date, and it may mean the professional is no longer practicing or has not renewed their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) with the IRS which is required to prepare and sign tax returns. If this …

Aug 24 2017

How to Apply #oak #ridge #institute #for #science #and #education, #science #education #programs, #workforce #development,

# How to build a successfulDHS HS-STEM Application Applications and supporting materials must be submitted by the application deadline through the Zintellect Online Application System . After reviewing the Application Requirements below, please follow the Online Application System Instructions . Application Requirements Application requirements include: Completion of all required fields in the application form, including essays on research and career goals. Receipt of a minimum of two references in the Online Application System by the application deadline. See Frequently Asked Questions for guidelines on choosing references. Upload of transcripts showing postsecondary grades and current enrollment in courses for Fall 2016. …