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Dec 7 2017

Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps #ejector #pump #replacement

# Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps Sewage Ejector and Grinder Pumps are devices that are used when toilets are located below the sewer line – either public or private. When this happens, waste has to be elevated up to the sewer line so that it can be discharged into the sewer. This is separate from a dewatering sump pump, which is used to pass spherical objects that are only up to ½” in diameter. These sewage ejector and grinder pumps are typically used in a home’s basement, since the main sewage line is typically higher than the basement’s plumbing. Contrary …

Aug 29 2017

Plumber, Arlington Heights, IL – Professional plumbing company #plumber, #plumbers, #plumbing, #water #heater, #plumbers, #plumbing

# The premier plumber in Arlington Heights, Illinois Lake Cook Plumbing is the plumber Arlington Heights, IL. knows and trusts. We are not your run-of-the-mill, average plumbing contractor. We take pride in the excellent work and fantastic customer care we consistently deliver. Maybe you have a leaky toilet, need a sump pump repair, sewer repair or new water heater installation. Rest assured, our team of professionals can handle all your needs at affordable prices and in a timely manner. We are a licensed plumber and proudly serve our community striving to earn your business as the best plumbing company in …