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Dec 7 2017

How to Become a Paralegal in Alberta #how #many #years #of #school #to #become #a

# How to Become a Paralegal in Alberta – AB According to OCCinfo, a project of the Government of Alberta, the province is home to over 7,700 working paralegals. Law firms in the Edmonton-Calgary corridor provide many employment opportunities for paralegals, with public administration offering another steady source of jobs. At this time, paralegals in Alberta are not regulated, meaning that they do not need to pass an examination or meet minimum training/educational standards to be able to work lawfully as paralegals. Thus aspiring paralegals may begin their careers through on-the-job training or by seeking post-secondary education. However, paralegals are …

Aug 25 2017

The Doctor of Nursing (ND) Degree #case, #degrees, #schools, #nursing, #think, #this, #what, #about, #degree,

# The Doctor of Nursing (ND) Degree i did not know that, i am way out of the game the LOL, i’m only 20 and i told my parents no to the MD degree because UWI’s programme took forever and cost way to much, and chose nursing b/c of the great nurses that took care of me. thanks for that info Quote from elkpark There are a great many schools now offering a clinical doctorate under a slew of different names — DNSc (Doctor of Nursing Science), ND (Nursing Doctorate), DSN (Doctor of Science in Nursing), DrNP (Doctor of Nursing …