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Sep 11 2017

The Dangers of Long Term Suboxone Use #suboxone #support #groups

# The Dangers of Long Term Suboxone Use What is Suboxone? Suboxone, once thought to be a miracle drug to treat opiate addiction, is actually causing an epidemic in it’s own right. Suboxone is a mixture of buprenorphine (a semi-synthetic opioid) and naloxone (an opiate blocker) and has seemingly become overprescribed by medical professionals to an uninformed patient population. Available in the United States since 2003, studies demonstrate that the drug was originally approved by the FDA to be used as a medicine to aid opiate addicted patients that were going through the painful effects of opiate withdrawal. The use …

Aug 1 2017

Home – Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab, Opiate, Heroin Detox, Pet-friendly, Couple-Friendly, in Orange County #animal

# Welcome to Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab specializes in sobriety programs for men, women any clients dealing with any kind of addictive behavior. From alcoholism to drug addiction, Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab recognizes the differences of men verses clients addiction and emphasizes the great importance of a sobriety program created for all individuals tailored to their specific needs. Our partner program, Sober Companions Orange County, will help to show you how to live your life sober once you have completed treatment. This combination will help you or your loved one have an overall successful and happy …