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Dec 7 2017

Boiler Room #titanic #wiki,titanic,boiler #room,tank #top,boiler,cargo #hold,forecastle #deck,harland # # #wolff,rubaiyat,titanic: #adventure #out #of #time,furnace,boiler

# Boiler Room Purpose providing steam for the engines Sunday April 14th, 1912 9:30pm The boiler rooms. of which there are six aboard the Titanic. are where the ship’s 29 coal-fired boilers are housed. Of these 29 boilers, 24 were double-ended and 5 single-ended. Altogether, they contained a total of 159 furnaces. The boilers were 4.80 metres (15.7 ft) in diameter and 20 feet (6.1 m) long, each weighing 91.5 tonnes (202,000 lb) and capable of holding 48.5 tons of water. They were fed around the clock by 179 firemen and consumed 600 tonnes (1,300,000 lb) of coal a day. …

Nov 24 2017

Underground Storage Tank Program (UST) #underground #storage #tank #regulations

# Underground Storage Tank Program (UST) The Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank Program (UST Program) was established to administer the Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund (Fund) which was created in in 1991 pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 21J. The purpose of M.G.L. c.21J is to prevent the need for environmental cleanup actions and to expedite environmental cleanup actions by providing partial reimbursement to owners or operators of UST systems for costs, expenses and other obligations incurred as a result of releases of petroleum products from UST systems. The UST Program also allows for reimbursement for any claims …

Jul 11 2017

How to Care for a Septic System: 10 Steps (with Pictures) #septic #tank #contractor

# How to Care for a Septic System How to Unclog Your Septic Tank How to Plant on Your Septic System Drainfield or Leachfield How to Construct a Small Septic System How to Install a Septic System How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal How to Install a Sump Pump How to Remove a Garbage Disposal How to Fix a Garbage Disposal How to Clean out a Sump Pit How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal