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Jan 12 2018

The Cottages of the Palm Beaches

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Expert, Comprehensive Florida Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction now plagues an estimated 40 million Americans, a little over 10% of the United States population. Most individuals who are directly affected by drugs and alcohol have untold numbers of loved ones and colleagues suffering right alongside them. The Cottages of the Palm Beaches is a Florida-based treatment center, providing quality and effective care to individuals suffering from chemical dependency and mental health related issues.

The Cottages offers medically supervised detox and 100% customized treatment to best suit each patient’s unique care needs. We are one of the few facilities in the region that truly specializes in dual-diagnosis care and guide patients to a place where they can safely confront the issues in their lives that have led to substance abuse, as well as the immediate symptoms of their addiction. Our staff is comprised of dedicated and qualified doctors and addiction care experts, many of whom are leaders in their field. Our high success rates are the result of our commitment to the constant innovation of patient care.

Building Confidence and Preventing Relapse

The unfortunate reality of addiction care is that relapse has come to be regarded as an inevitable part of the process–it doesn’t have to be this way. Many patients wind up losing their way because their program failed to properly address the origins of their addictions. As a result, they go back out into the world with limited knowledge of how to handle stress, adversity and temptation. The Cottages provides patients with sound and realistic plans for maintaining their recovery once they transition back into their everyday lives. This includes continued outreach from our care professionals to determine progress; a Family Program that helps patients to get a head-start on repairing their familial relationships; and referral to recovery resources, such as AA meetings, in their area.

There’s No Need to Keep Suffering

The Cottages is ready to help you or your loved one fight back against drug and alcohol addiction. We provide patients with a comprehensive arsenal of recovery resources. Our full continuum of care ensures a full scope of treatment so patients are as prepared as possible for their continued sobriety. Recovery is a lifelong endeavor that requires the right attitude, resources and support. Our doctors and therapists are committed to helping patients find their strength and confidence, and equipping them with the tools they need to live the lives they deserve.

We also provide intervention services to families looking to guide an addicted loved one toward treatment. If you or someone you care about is caught up in drug or alcohol addiction, call the Cottages now at 866-559-2228.

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