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Oct 9 2017

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Print tickets with TicketCreator

Create, design, and print attractive ticketsof any size on your regular printer :

  • Tickets with row and seat numbers (reserved seating)
  • Tickets with serial numbers
  • Unnumbered tickets (general admission)

Create tickets even for complex locations easily and comfortably. And if your chairs are not labeled yet, TicketCreator can also print seat labels for your location.

Tickets with barcodes

TicketCreator can protect you against copied tickets and losses in revenues. Just print copy protected tickets with barcodes . which are checked at the entrance with the software BarcodeChecker and a simple barcode scanner (recommended), a webcam, an Android phone or an iPhone. Each ticket can only be used once to enter. You can also print tickets with barcodes as PDFs and send them by email. More.

Tickets sizes and printers

TicketCreator has been especially developed for organizers of middle and small sized events (choirs, music groups, theaters, sports clubs), who print their own event tickets and sell them directly and via advance sale. It is designed for standard PCs and not for the use in a box office. No additional expensive hardware required. Moreover, there are no service fees, setup or ticket fees!

Just try TicketCreator!

Download thefree trial version. create and print your own tickets and test its many features. All locations and events created can later also be used with the registered version. Printing is limited in the trial version.

Use TicketCreator toprint tickets of any sizeon plain cardboard or custom ticket stocks
(optionally with cutting marks)

Tickets with seat and row numbers

If you want to print tickets with seat and row numbers you must first set up the location, where the event takes place.

1.) Create location. Select the tab Locations and click New to create your location

2.) Create event. Then click Event to create an event in your location and design tickets for it. As a test you can also create an event in one of the sample locations.

3.) Print tickets. Now you can display the event on the screen, print tickets for sections or single tickets.

Tickets with serial numbers or unnumbered tickets

If you want to print tickets with serial numbers or unnumbered tickets you do not need to create a location. Just select the tab Events , click New to create a new event, and enter the number of tickets.

Key Benefits

  • Fast. Quickly create locations and events
  • Powerful. Print tickets for reserved seating, tickets with serial numbers or general admission tickets
  • Comfortable. Easy to use, many functions, on-screen seat maps
  • Secure. Print copy protected tickets with barcodes to ensure your revenues
  • Professional. Reservations. season tickets. group-tickets, balance, reports, seat labels
  • Independent. Print your tickets when you need them! No unnecessary tickets, no trouble with out-house ticket printing, no delays. Use any ticket format and any Windows-compatible printer you like.
  • Trusted. TicketCreator is used by many theaters, municipalities, universities, orchestras, choirs, sports clubs (Basketball, soccer, ice-hockey) and cultural centers worldwide to print tickets
  • No additional costs. No additional hardware required, no ticket or setup fees
  • Free Updates. Download the updated versions of TicketCreator for free
  • Intuitive. Video tutorials give you a quick start with the ticket printing software
  • Rewarding. Tickets with row and seat numbers guarantee satisfied visitors
  • Versatile. Design tickets of any format. See the ticket templates
  • Admission control. You can scan tickets/badges with barcodes at the entrance

Key Features

  • Create an unlimited number of locations and events
  • Set up locations with up to 30.000 seats in up to 30 sections
  • Print tickets for events with up to 50 price categories
  • Print tickets of any size and format with any Windows-compatible printer; no expensive ticket printers or thermal transfer printers required
  • Create attractive tickets using the wide range of ticket layout features
  • Manage reservations, print season tickets, subscriptions
  • TicketCreator includes diverse reports and a detailed balance .
  • Print seat labels. balances, reports, seating charts
  • Seats are displayed individually on the screen
  • TicketCreator can be used in a network to print tickets in turns from multiple computers
  • Stand-alone ticket printing software ; a complete ticketing solution
  • Create tickets of any format and with any ticket design on your PC
  • Ticket Creation made simple
  • Create and print tickets with serial numbers
  • Do you still create, design, and print your tickets with Microsoft Word. Then download TicketCreator for free and experience, how easy and comfortable ticket printing can be.
  • To quickly get started with printing sequentially numbered tickets/ tickets with sequential numbers check the TicketCreator How to create and print tickets video tutorials
  • TicketCreator is designed for organizers who want to print tickets for their events economically on their own computer and distribute the printed tickets. It cannot be integrated into a website or be used for online sales.
  • More features.

TicketCreator runs on all Windows PCs ( Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ). The ticketing software supports all Windows compatible printers, like laser printers, ink printers, ticket printers, or thermal transfer printers.

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