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Jan 9 2018

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Oracle Veteran Hiring

Veteran hiring

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Hiring Veterans is a Business Advantage

Oracle recognizes the unique skillset veterans bring to our workplace. Leadership, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to change easily are key attributes that make hiring veterans an attractive option for Oracle. We proudly provide and host opportunities to engage and support the veterans community.

“Oracle truly values the leadership and integrity that are the hallmarks of military service.”

Veteran hiring

Injured Veterans Internship

We are proud to help veterans bridge the gap between military and corporate cultures.

  • One-year internship enhances the professional and personal development of veterans injured in Afghanistan and Iraq

Veteran hiring

Veteran Guidon Program

Mentor program assists new veteran employees with successfully integrating into Oracle s corporate culture.

  • Engages newly hired military veterans and orients them to the corporate environment
  • Provides a guide to help them navigate their transition to Oracle’s culture

Veteran hiring

Veteran Badge

Recognizes the sacrifice that our service men and women have made to protect our freedom and way of life.

  • Provides special recognition for employees who are our nation’s heroes
  • By displaying this accolade as part of their internal profile, veterans can voluntarily identify as someone who has served our country

Veteran hiring

Oracle University Workforce Development Program

Offers affordable, flexible, industry-recognized training to United States veterans, including Oracle certifications, immediate employment results, and increased earning potential.

  • Oracle University courses, including database administration, PL/SQL, Java, Linux, Primavera, project management, Oracle Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, eBusiness Financials, Solaris, clinical, HR, and SCM
  • Weekend and evening classes, virtual and self-paced online classes, group training, and more
  • Expert assistance in choosing courses and educational paths
  • Access to eLance enables veterans to use their Oracle certification for freelance opportunities

Veteran hiring

Veteran Impact Council

Increases Oracle’s competitive advantage and attracts, develops, engages, and retains top veteran talent.

  • Uses branding and communications to attract veteran talent
  • Supports line-of-business hiring initiatives for veterans
  • Focuses on retention and education of veterans

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